Fall Clean-up

Football, apple cider and visits to the pumpkin patch: yes, autumn is a wonderful time of year.

But when it comes to your landscape, autumn is also falling leaves, lawn debris, dying flower beds and an overall shabby appearance to your lawn’s aesthetic.  

To make sure your lawn survives the harshness of Maryland’s winter and looks it’s best come springtime, a thorough fall clean-up is essential.  Because the right preparation now will save you tons of time and energy once warmer weather rolls back around.  

We understand that your family time is valuable – especially in these extraordinary times we’re living in today.  So, let us come in and do the dirty work so you and your family can still enjoy your yard throughout this beautiful time of year. 

At GSLC we provide a full suite of fall cleanup services:

- Raking (then composting) dead leaves

- Mulching with leaves/grass clippings

- Pruning trees and shrubs

- Removing branches and lawn debris

- Updating seasonal flowers

- Fertilizing and nourishing

Don’t procrastinate and just hope that your lawn makes it intact through another winter.  Be a forward-thinking homeowner and give GSLC a call today for a free estimate to ensure your yard is beautiful, healthy (and safe) year round.

Ready for GSLC to clean-up your property?